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Consultancy Services

Management and organisation support are essential for the wellbeing of staff, and this is particularly true for human service professionals, including humanitarians, who are exposed to many external stress factors.

The right organisational culture enables staff to trust the organisation to look after their safety and security, both physical and psychological. This supportive organisational culture creates and maintains an effective workforce.


I continue to develop my understanding of the fundamental relationship between physical and mental well being. With my unique experience, I am in an excellent position to support organisations and individuals to build resilience. Taking a community or team approach with peer to peer support and a positive management culture, supports the capability of both individuals and teams to deal with day to day stressors, vicarious trauma, serious incidents and crisis.

I have been developing capability building programmes and delivering trainings for staff safety and well-being within the aid sector for many years now.  This includes both bespoke and open courses developed with and for headquarters, regional and country offices. Topics covered include personal security and security risk management, resilience and  stress management, as well as organisational culture and change management..


Ensuring organisations learn from experience is essential for growth. I find facilitating these learning opportunities with organisations a great opportunity for positive change, whether through security audits or after action reviews.

When looking at organisational development and change, I bring together my experience of managing humanitarian programmes overseas, my work on developing good practice on safety and security risk management and my growing knowledge of psychotherapy and stress management. 

“If you want to grow an organization then enable its employees to experiment, explore and express their creativity without limiting them to title, department & designation”

-Aiyaz Uddin

Preparing for NFI distribution, Sudan 2004

Nottingham, Uk. 

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