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Supporting your mental
& physical wellbeing

Personalized care, online or face to face. The trusted choice for you.

lisa reilly

What I do

Helping individuals and organizations in times of crisis to navigate future challenges more effectively.

Helping Organisations meet their duty

of care

I work with organisations to develop and implement services that take care of the mental and physical well-being of their people. Supporting them to deliver their ethical and legal duty of care responsibilities for staff and to provide a positive culture and working environment.

I have been developing and delivering training for staff security and well-being within the aid sector for over 20 years. This includes both bespoke and open courses developed with and for headquarters, regional and country offices.

I also help individuals and teams to build resilience, working with them to build their capacity to identify and manage their security risks to be better able to respond to crisis and reduce the impact from burnout and traumatic incidents.

l am an experienced humanitarian with more than 20 years of international experience, working most recently in security risk management. I have been running my counselling practice for over 5 years.

As well as working with individuals, I also work with organisations to review practices and culture for improving staff safety and wellbeing.


By supporting those impacted by stress and trauma I enable people to regain their equilibrium. I help ease feelings of isolation and loneliness. I believe it is essential to provide people with the  tools and resources to help them reconnect with themselves and others, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment.

I have particular expertise and personal experience in trauma focused therapy and have supported many clients through the aftermath of traumatic events and burnout when working in the aid sector.



Providing counselling services can empower individuals to improve their work performance and find contentment in their personal lives. By offering guidance and support, I help people address underlying issues that may be impacting their overall well-being, leading to a greater sense of fulfilment and satisfaction in both their professional and personal spheres.

Due to the limited number of therapists with this specific expertise, finding the right support can be a challenge for individuals navigating the complexities of cross-cultural experiences. This is where I play a crucial role.

Sharing and learning in Pakistan

Laying the foundation stone for a school in Afghanistan

Supporting people to regain their equilibrium in life
Trauma focused therapy 
Professional personal support
Mentoring, therapy & counselling for those who are working or who have worked in the aid sector

My Services

Improving organisational Duty of Care
Building resilience through improved mental and physical well-being
Facilitate organisational learning,e.g. security audits, after action reviews
Staff capability building programmes and training

Focusing on keeping it simple

Initial meeting

I provide a complimentary 30 minute online discovery meeting. 

Where we will chat informally and communicate openly determining if the relationship is a good fit for you without the pressure of a paid initial service.

Skilled care

“I have no right to feel like this because there are so many who are worse off than I am”

Seeking assistance may feel challenging initially, but it can lead to valuable support and growth.

And I will support you through skilled care. 


I offer both an on-line and face to face service. Video calls mean we can connect wherever you are, or you can meet me in my practice room in Nottingham, UK.

Lisa Reilly,

B.Eng, MSyl

Certified Counsellor

Originally graduating as an engineer, and after gaining experience in the UK, I decided to broaden my horizons by working abroad. This international experience not only enriched my professional skills but also provided me with a deeper understanding of different cultures and work environments.


Originally, I volunteered with VSO in Namibia for 2 years then stayed overseas for the next 12 years,living and working in a variety of contexts including Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sudan and South Sudan. 

After coming home from my last full-time overseas mission I was offered a psychological debriefing., which started my personal therapy journey. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of my emotional healing and self-discovery process. 

Back in the UK, I started working within the humanitarian sector for improving staff safety and security, and quickly realised that staff well-being and mental health were an integral part of effective security risk management. I am now a qualified counsellor and have completed my MSc equivalent training for becoming a Transactional Analysis psychotherapist.

From 2011 to 2023 I led the Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF, previously EISF), developing the world’s leading platform for global engagement on security risk management in the humanitarian and broader aid sector. The original research and guides of GISF have set the standard for good practice in the sector, most recently for a person-centred approach and equitable working with partners.

My experience

I am a member of the Security Institute where I Co-Chair the Inclusive Security Special Interest Group. The aim of this group is to improve inclusivity and diversity across the security sector. I am also on the WFP Security Advisory Board (SECAB).

Most recently I have become a founding member of the Duty of Care Alliance. This is a group of mixed experts working to raise awareness and improve DoC in the aid sector.


  • Berne Institute Certificate in Transactional Analysis Counselling Skills

  • Berne Institute Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis 

  • BEng Mechanical Engineering

  • UNSMS Security Certification Programme

Industry Accolades

- Winner of the 2020 Women in Security Contribution to industry award.

- Recognised by the IFSEC Global Influencers in Security 2022 - Association Figures / Academics / Thought Leaders

Ethiopia 2019

 Afghanistan 2002

What my clients are saying

"Lisa is a great trainer whose personal experiences bring security challenges to life; the introduction of VR facilitates a safe space for staff to explore their stress responses."

G, Fauna & Flora

"Thank you for dedication & commitment to our sector & the impact you have made throughout your career to support organizations like ChildFund."


"The benefits of your efforts will be felt for many years more.


GISF has come a long way. I remain in absolute admiration of what you have achieved. "


Contact me

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